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The Perfect Wedding Dress
Author: Brenda Stoebel Couture    Date Published: 29 November 2015

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As soon as you get engaged, the excitement takes a hold of you and barely wears off until that magical day when you become a Mrs. So start early and look through magazines for pictures(bridal and non bridal) and make a scrapbook or “mood book” of your favourite styles and designs.  Then draw up your budget!  This is the tricky part because you need to factor in a few details when budgeting for your gown.

The budgeting of a gown has to reflect the design and fabric (obviously more if you are using lace and crystals). Most importantly, you have to take workmanship and peace of mind into account- it is worth paying a little extra for the knowledge that your dress will be complete and perfect for you before you walk down the aisle.

A simple design can achieve maximum “wow” status with good quality fabrics and an immaculate cut.  It’s never worth compromising on quality – no amount of beading or lace will disguise poor craftsmanship or material.
A bride should wear a dress that compliments her figure type and personality. 

We will advise you on the most suitable silhouettes for your shape- keeping in mind that all dresses are based on design principles, namely:

  • Sheath dress/ straight cut
  • A-line
  • Princess style
  • Empire style
  • Ball gowns
  • Mermaid style
  • Two pieces - skirts and tops

Knowing your own true style and personality should eliminate most of the options before even beginning the big wedding dress expedition! On the big day you need to be able to sit, walk, dance and embrace your loved one comfortably.

Opting for a made-to-measure wedding gown that has literally been moulded to fit your body will ensure that you can do all of the above while looking sensational! When going for your wedding gown fittings take someone along whose opinion you trust and value such as your mom, best friend or maid of honour.

Finally, let the wedding happen and soak up the joy that is yours on this special day.  It’s not every day you get to be a princess….


Body Shape Tips

The pear shape
If your hips are wider than your shoulders and your waist is well defined then you are a member of the most common body shape, the Pear. The great thing about this body shape is that most clothes are made with this shape in mind. An empire line dress- seamed and accentuated below the bust is spectacularly understated and effective. A v-neck guides the eye inwards and down the middle of the dress and is a great way to accentuate your bust and balance your pear shape.  Other necklines include strapless and low scooped necklines. An A-line bottom or Princess style is the best option, but avoid too bulky over the hips. Diagonal draping or detail will also balance the shoulder to hip ratio.

The rectangular shape (Tall and slender)
If your hips and shoulders are roughly the same width, and your waist isn’t too defined then you will be a member of the tall and slender shape. You have a straight body shape and your main style aim should be to add curves. To accentuate a smaller bust look for something that will attract attention like a cross draping or detail over the bust. A sweetheart or v- neckline is also a great way to accentuate the bust and works best in corseted bodices that create the illusion of a smaller waist. If you are tall you could go for empire style or bias cut dresses to accentuate your shoulders. A mermaid or fish tail bottom (fitted to the knee and then kicks out) will accentuate curves over the hips and narrow the waist but full skirts can work just as well.

The hourglass shape
The hourglass shape is the most coveted of them all! If your hips and shoulders are the same width and your waistline is well defined, then congrats, you are the most envied body shape around. V-neck, strapless and scooped necklines work the best as well as off the shoulder. Try to keep the neckline low so that it creates the illusion of a slim décolletage and bust area. An empire style is straighter than the ball gown or even A-line without being too figure-hugging. A-line or mermaid styles to accentuate your perfect figure work well for the bottom


Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Use our online directory to find the perfect wedding gown or if you want something unique, a wedding dress designer that will help you transform your dream into reality.

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